Frequently asked questions about joydrive merch and products. Shipping costs, times, returns, we gotchu here.

Questions, with their answers

I have a question that isn't answered here

Head to the contact us page and chuck us a message.

I need to return something

That's ok, get in contact and we can discuss further.

Just, before you do, please ensure the product has an actual problem, we are a very, very small business and will always stand by our products, but don't be coming through my front door guns blazing.

Shipping cost

Shipping is by country and product, and all prices are AUD and a guide only.

Stickers are free postage

Hoodies are 15$ postage to Australia, 40$ international

Frame prints are collection only

Skate decks are 30$ postage, 60$ international

Prices are subject to change.

Shipping time

Covid kind of ruined everything.

Western Australia, expect within 2-5 business days

Other states expect 5-10 business days

International expect 10-20 business days

Collection from?

Collection details will be sent when ready for collection.

It is my home so please respect that.

Located in Wandi, 6167. Just off Anketell Road exit on Freeway south.