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Have a photo you would like printed that isn't for general sale? Get in touch and we can organise.

Lead time

With custom prints there is a lead time as we have to re-edit for printing.

  • Dimensions

    40x30cm print. (kind of a3)

    50.8x76.2cm poster. (20x30")

    52x42cm frame.

  • Lead time

    Prints alone; Up to 3 working days, then postage on top.

    Posters; Up to 2 working weeks.

  • Frames

    We have Black frames on hand ready to go if requested.

    Please reach out if this is something that interests you.

  • Photos in carousel aren't this print?

    We unfortunately can't photograph every print in time for publication on the shop, so some examples are used, especially for posters.

  • FRAMED: Collection only!

    Collection from Joydrive HQ, no postage! We are located In Wandi, 6167.

    Postage would be wild, can organise pickup at a meet/event as well.

  • Limited to 50!

    Each print is limited to 25, ever. Once 25 are sold, none of that print are ever sold again.

    Transparency; This used to be 100, those marked with 100 will remain at 100 units.

  • Print and Poster postage?

    We can only post the unframed prints & posters, postage at checkout.

  • Print vs Poster

    The print is essentially just a normal, high quality print, as sized above.

    The poster is much larger and much thicker, designed

  • Cost?

    A "proper" frame is an easy 200-300$ for this size, we use far more accessible, plastic fronted frames, additional 20$.

    The posters are print on demand so no bulk pricing, apologies! They look incredible though.