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Event photo package

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Attending an event, usually Motorsport but can be anything and would like some guaranteed photos of you and your car - we often advertise slots of packages before events to make sure we take that photo!

What will i get?

20 photos? 50? 200?!

No, you get the exact amount that are good. Usually for 1 day motorsport event this is 15-30, 2 day event can be 20-40, but ultimately depends on weather, and of course you! How much track time, how much time your car or you and your team actually get. If you're parked at the sidelines all day, then I can't get some track bangers!

How long?

Usually the length of the event.

Things you as the owner should do

  1. Let me know what car you are driving
  2. Car number if applicable
  3. Where your pitting if applicable
  4. Make the car as presentable as you can

Will you offer my photos for print?

By default, yes, if you do not want this to happen please let me know.

Things that negatively affect the quality of your photos

  1. Rain
  2. If championship - getting knocked out the Top 32
  3. Car issues