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Automotive Photoshoot

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The best way to either remember your pride or joy, or sell it, is some incredible photos.

Some examples of my work are in the gallery.

What will i get?

20 photos? 50? 200?!

No, you get the exact amount that are good. If you have modified car with 20k sunk in, there will be far more opportunities to take photos of various unique factors of that vehicle, compared to a stock car, for example, who will get far less.

Ball parks

For sale: 10-20

Creative: 10-40

Commercial: Let's talk

How many locations?

For sale: 1 location

Creative: 1+ location - however many locations we need to get some incredible photos

Extra special locations

- Naval Store - Additional 300$ - recommend 2 car minimum, split time and cost between 2 cars.

How long?

For sale, usually around 30-45 minutes + same day edits returned.

Creative shoot, usually 1-2 hours + a week or two lead time for editing.

Things you as the owner should do

  1. Clean the car, inside and out!
  2. Remember to hide cables, usb leads, water bottles
  3. Bring a friend, it can get boring watching me roll around the floor taking photos, but we'll keep it light and fun
  4. Be on time - I may have other appointments after and you wouldn't want me late for yours because the previous person was late
  5. Let me know anything you think I should know - too low to get in places, it's on permit, etc
  6. Be willing to travel to the location! Usually keep them NOR/SOR to where you are, or City area.
  7. Be willing to travel to hills for nature photos

"I have a vibe I'm going for"

Industrial, nature, street, let me know what you are feeling but once I know the car I can usually let you know some sweet spots.

Will you offer my photos for print?

By default, yes, if you do not want this to happen please let me know.